Logo of the World of Warcraft private server Nostalrius

WoW private server Nostalrius closed down by Blizzard.

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Blizzard Entertainment closed down WoW "vanilla" (original World of Warcraft release) private server, Nostalrius. Before it happened, I was fortunate enough to play around on Nostalrius and get a bit

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Belgian flag

Cries for Belgium

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Sparkler on a blurry background

2015 in review

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2015 has been another great year Starting out with another trip to the US, this time with my great pal Patrick, who joined agreed to take another friends place just 12 hours before the flight! This

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Black Asphalt Road Surrounded by Green Grass

Fighting Facebook schemes

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A sad trend has been going on on Facebook, at least for danes, in the past couple of months. A big number of fake pages have been appearing mimicking big brands luring people to like and share their

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Logo of Microsoft corporation

Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015

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The past week has seen a lot of new releases in "Microsoft-land". First and foremost, Windows 10 is now out for Windows Insiders as the "RTM" build - and even though Windows is now SaaS, the status is

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Screenshot of Visual Studio showing a C# interface

Supporting MetaWeblog

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When i started out writing my new blogging system, two features I really wanted to support. One was writing the posts in Markdown, the other was to support submitting the posts using MetaWeblog so I

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