Free and open implementation of the Cloudflare API prtocol v4 in C# .net core, allowing cross-platform automated interaction with Cloudflare.


Code Examples

var cloudflareClient = new CloudflareClientFactory(emailAdr, apiKey, new CloudflareRestClientFactory(httpClientFactory), CloudflareAPIEndpoint.V4Endpoint).Create();
var zone = await cloudflareClient.Zones.GetAsync("");
DNSRecord dnsRecord;
    dnsRecord = await cloudflareClient.ZoneDNSSettingsClient.CreateRecordAsync(zone.Id, "_dummyrecord", DNSRecordType.TXT, "TXT record entry value", 3600);
catch (CloudflareException exception) when (exception.Errors[0].Code == "81057")
    Program.LogLine("The DNS entry already exists.");

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