Microsoft and Linux separated by a heart icon on a blue background.

Running Graphical Applications under Linux on Windows


Windows 10 brings quite a few developer/geek/... friendly features to the table; a feature which haven't gotten as much attention as it deserves, is the Windows Subsystem for Linux It allows users to

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Black Asphalt Road Surrounded by Green Grass

Driving around the US (and proposing to Maria)


Life have been quite interesting lately - more of this to come! - but Maria and I had three excellent weeks of vacation driving around on the West coast of the US. The calendar swapped to September

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Screenshot of Visual Studio showing a C# interface

Introducing Kenc.Facebook (facebook api for .net)


Since December, I had been using the "Facebook SDK for .net" available from nuget and GitHub - however the package is now deprecated as it targets an older version of the Facebook Graph API. Since I

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Logo of the World of Warcraft private server Nostalrius

WoW private server Nostalrius closed down by Blizzard.


Blizzard Entertainment closed down WoW "vanilla" (original World of Warcraft release) private server, Nostalrius. Before it happened, I was fortunate enough to play around on Nostalrius and get a bit

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Sparkler on a blurry background

2015 in review


2015 has been another great year Starting out with another trip to the US, this time with my great pal Patrick, who joined agreed to take another friends place just 12 hours before the flight! This

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