A photo of two shadowy figures, one kicking and the other flying away from the kick

Optimizing Social Media sharing

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Social media is here to stay - but how does it impact websites? An old saying claims a picture is worth more than a thousand words; We have all heard it - but what does it mean for your social media

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A photo of the Seattle skyline at night, with the Space Needle lighted

Relocating to Seattle

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It is with pleasure I can finally announce that I will be relocating to the Seattle area in United States. It's a journey that started almost 12 months ago, when I started actively applying for

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Sparkler on a blurry background

2017 in review

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2017 have been a year of firsts for me. In february I had my first vacation in South America, when Maria and I joined her family on a three week vacation traveling around Uruguay, Argentina and

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Microsoft and Linux separated by a heart icon on a blue background.

Running Graphical Applications under Linux on Windows

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Windows 10 brings quite a few developer/geek/... friendly features to the table; a feature which haven't gotten as much attention as it deserves, is the Windows Subsystem for Linux It allows users to

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Black Asphalt Road Surrounded by Green Grass

Driving around the US (and proposing to Maria)

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Life have been quite interesting lately - more of this to come! - but Maria and I had three excellent weeks of vacation driving around on the West coast of the US. The calendar swapped to September

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Screenshot of Visual Studio showing a C# interface

Introducing Kenc.Facebook (facebook api for .net)

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Since December, I had been using the "Facebook SDK for .net" available from nuget and GitHub - however the package is now deprecated as it targets an older version of the Facebook Graph API. Since I

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