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2018 in review

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2018 has in many ways been another year of firsts; although 2017 laid the foundation for it with getting married to my wonderful wife and accepting a position at Microsoft in Redmond, 2018 was the year were we relocated "over there".

With moving to the Seattle area in the end of January, 2018 has mostly taken place for me in the US, bringing many new opportunities like hiking around Washington state and catching up on concerts

But 2018 was also the year, where I felt the downside of living abroad; not only did my brother Tom and his wife become parents, an event I unfortunately couldn't be around for, but I also lost a family member and had to deal with flying back home with short notice for a funeral

Open source

On a more positive note, 2018 was also the year where I finally got to release my let's encrypt library on GitHub and have accepted the first few changes to it.

Although usage is still low, it has been great to finally get it out there and hopefully adoption will grow in 2019.

Fighting scam from abroad

My Facebook scam detection tool 'er det fake' (is it fake) has seen a tremendous growth in number of queries and has experimental browser plugins automatically warning users against fake pages.

a lot more to come in 2019

Maria and I have a lot of plans for 2019. One of our goals when we moved to the US, was to travel around the States and see more than just the pacific northwest; for 2019 we have a few places in mind.

With my new scratch map, I'll see how many have been scratched off, a year from now!


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