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Having completely forgotten about said community, I was cleaning up on my old storage harddrives, which includes the harddrive with software installations and came upon my Autodesk folder, containing the software I received through Autodesks student and teacher community program, where teachers and students can get free software! All you have to do to particiate is simply to signup at including selecting your place of education and when you are done.After this, you can go on and download all of Autodesks premier applications, for free! Having just upgraded my desktop (as posted previously) I thought why not give 3D design a go and try to download 3D Studio Max and play around with?One thing is certain, with my new specs I do have som premium hardware, so this shouldnt be to any hinter! :) Now I am just waiting for the installer to complete, so I can start playing around! Updates will come with any (non-ugly) result! :) 3ds max installer


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