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Nokia shows off new Beta Apps; HTC next to come?

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For the last 6 months Nokia surely have been "all in" with the Windows Phone platform as they proclaimed to be last year. I, as a Nokia user, keep seeing new Nokia apps sent out for my phone, some of them currently in the beta stage though; but increasing the functionality and value of my Nokia branded phone. In this blog post, I will outline some of them J

Nokia Counter

This app, is the latest from the Nokia app-factory and enables the user to track its usage of Data, Voice and texting over a period of time the user can set themselves and with a customizable limit. Counters SetupCounters LimitsCounters monthly callsCounters Top Callers To download Counters, scan the QR code below with your Nokia Windows Phone device Removed

Nokia Camera extras

Nokia recently released a new firmware for Lumia''s, giving access to a new set of API''s for the camera applications from Nokia and released "Nokia Camera Extras". After installation, simply launch the camera using the hardware camera button and you will have access to 4 new camera modes.

Smart Group Shot

Smart Group Shot makes it easy to capture great group shots with just one attempt. Five images are captured in quick succession with a single press of the camera button. Advanced algorithms then detect the faces, and the ''best'' face for each person is automatically selected and the images combined into a single ''best'' shot. You can select an alternative face for each detected face, which is useful if, for example, you''d like to have everyone looking at each other. Smark Group shot screenshot

Action Group Shot

Action Shot allows you to capture action and movement shots with significantly improved shooting speed or as a burst of shots. But it''s when you review burst images that the fun really starts: a new control mechanism makes it easy to find the images you''re looking for. As you slide your finger back and forth, the images are displayed one on top of one another as if you were controlling the action, so you can try out sequences and play them back. Action Group Shot screenshot

Self Timer

Get yourself into the picture with Self-timer. Prop up your Nokia Lumia for photos you want to be in too, then simply press the button and then wait for the countdown to end. Self Timer screenshot


Capture beautiful wide landscapes more easily. The new UI guides you as you move your phone, helping you to capture beautiful panoramas with precise alignment. The finished panoramas can be so smooth that you''ll wonder where the joins are. Panorama screenshot


Now in the marketplace!

Nokia City Lens

Augmented reality is on its way to Nokia Lumia. With Nokia City Lens, you instantly know more about the neighborhood than the locals do. Nokia City Lens turns your phone''s camera into an augmented reality browser, revealing places and points of interest around you with stunning clarity. Just tap on a place to see business hours, reviews, and more. There''s no easier way to get more from wherever you are. Nokia City Lens screenshotNokia City Lens category screenshot


Installable through Nokia Beta Labs or through the QR code underneath: Removed

More to come?

Nokia is really being productive at the moment, continuously feeding us with new applications, and I am confident more will come with time! In the meanwhile, head over to Nokia Beta Labs and try out the new applications which will hit marketplace in the time to come! :)


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