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Going all in with Windows 8

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Today I took the bold move of going ''all in'' with Windows 8.I have been using it for a while on my 14" T61, with great success (and with its new SSD; GOD DAMN it performs!), and a couple of days ago my laptop for Work also had the upgrade; which comforms great with our internal move to Windows 8 to both test and get on the forefront of our own product. But today, my Workstation at home had the upgrade too!and oh boy I havent changed my mind!it Works great :) About a month ago, I got the new SSD for my T61 and along came a new monitor; a BenQ 24" 120hz monitor, capable of displaying 3d content. This finalizes my current setup, going back to multimonitor! I have enjoyed it in the past, but didnt have any screens with a usable size for it to really increse productivity; though now with a 22" and a 24", life is perfect! And With Windows 8''s Multimonitor features, I''m in love! To complete this post, i''ll end it off with a screenshot of my Windows 8 score, interestingly I got a higher score in Windows 8 than in Windows 7, for CPU and RAM! :)The scale of the Windows Score is now up to a max of 9.9 from 7.9 in Windows 7.Windows 8 score.


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