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Adding old posts, fixing javascript issues and adding Captcha!

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Today I sat down and finally took on the task of adding my old blogposts from when my blog was running "WordPress". The problem in converting the old posts into was the export I made back then, was using WordPress' own extended RSS format which doesn't read.

I started to create a little tool for the conversion process, but fast ran into a few issues with the xsd tool from Visual Studio; for instance it doesn't allow for multiple fields with same names, even though they are in different namespaces in the DOM. After a search on Google I found this post and quickly started to convert the old entries. However this also gave a few issues, since still refused to load the file. I had to rewrite some of the data manually, so they used CDATA in the DOM and removed comments; after this the import succeeded :)

Now, the formatting of the posts were dreadful, so had to go through each post and fix the formatting; which should have been done now. The only obstacle left; is removing unused Categories in this blog, since the import failed a couple of times, I had like 7 categories all named "Computers" and crashes when I try to enter the Categories page.. :/ However, I guess I can rather easily create a little script using the object model to fix this.

Adding Captcha and fixing JavaScript issues!

I have noticed quite a big increase in spam comments the last couple of days; probably because my blog is pretty easily found via Google. I am tired of all these spam comments and have tried to get a Captcha working for a couple of days, however it always failed. I found this post which explains how to do it; however it wasn't enough. It seems my theme used on the blog, has a javascript issue in the onPage event handler, trying to load a script which doesn't exist.

After removing the onload event handler, everything works like a charm! :)


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