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Windows Phone: Mango released!

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After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Windows Phone developers have now got the change to upgrade their phone software til 7720! aka: Mango RTM! For approximatly two months, I have been running with the various beta builds, which have been put publicly available to registered developers for the platform, and now I got the upgrade pack! So what does the upgrade pack constist of?

  1. Build 7720 - The first upgrade was the RTM build itself, which upgrades the software.
  2. Beta Cleanup - The 2nd patch, cleaned up various beta settings including the upgrade-server paths, which now makes my phone yet again available to get the retail updates everyone else gets.
  3. HTC Update for Windows Phone - An HTC firmware upgrade, which enables some of the functionality from HTC, to the upgrade SDK

I must say I am still as pleased with my Windows Phone device!It is the best smart phone platform I have been playing around with, both as a developer and end-user! It just works!


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