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Change of host, new blog and domain cleanup!

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Finally came the day I actually had time to sit down for a while and think! It all started when my former host,, send me a friendly reminder that my webhotel was about to expire and I had to submit yet another payment, to continue receiving the same services as beforehand. Until now, they have been servicing my old domain with a PHP/MySQL solution and offering me DNS services for; however the latter I moved about 6 months ago to the danish DNS host GratisDNS. I thought to myself, instead of paying for theese services which I rarerly use, because let''s face it, I never write any PHP anymore its all, why not move host? and since I do have a Windows Server 2008r2 running several machines in a Hyper-V environment hosted on a 50/50 mbit fiber optics line, why not self host and combine all my semi-unused domains? I have now done exactly this, had DK-Hostmaster, which is the organisation which handles .dk domains, redelegate all my domains to GratisDNS and been creating websites in IIS on one of my virtual boxes. By doing this, I have finally acomplished my redirection issues with having, and kenchristensen point to the same blog without having to create ugly URL redirection or iFrame solutions as have been the case earlier; and I can now actually write web applications in, utilizing the .net stack and C# which I like alot! This step is also meant as a reboot of my blog, which I need to get started on again!

What have happened since the last post?

A lot! I have started at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, as a Student Worker Software Development Engineer, joining the Dynamics NAV Application integration team.I started on 1st of august, and it has been an awesome ride already; starting at Microsoft is first of all a boy dream for me; secondly its a huge transformation from studying and the other companies I have been at earlier. Microsoft is so incredibly huge (93.000+ employes) and thus startings means getting a lot of information about everything!The first month I was fulltime, to get into things, learn my team and start exploring the NAV product, including the C/AL programming language!The last 14 days have been parttime, twice a week, totaling aprox. 15 hours a week and I love it! Anywho, that was the words for now!more posts will come soon; now out to vote for the danish election and afterwards home to a good friend, watching the results and enjoying a nice meal!


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