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Using different credentials for Team Foundation Server

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I have been running with a TFS 2010 server for quite some time now, running on a domain to host all my software projects.

However, the problem is that one of my workstations is not hooked up to the Windows domain of several reasons.

Since my login on my workstation is not the same as the one on my AD; Visual Studio 2010 keeps promting me for the correct login. This has really been a pain, since I use VS pretty often! However, thanks to Windows 7's 'User Credentials' option, the problem is no longer!

Windows 7 has an even better 'Credentials Manager' then the one implemented into previous versions of Windows (XP through Vista) and now the Credentials Manager has options for saving credentials used to login to other Windows machines; theese are the ones Visual Studio uses for logging into Team foundation servers!

How to add your credentials?

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Credential Manager

Press the 'Add a Windows Credential' link, this promts you for the username, password and IP/Hostname for the server, the credentials are valid for. Simply put in the address of the TFS server along with the appropriate user/password combination and voila!

The credentials can be used by any piece of Microsoft software connecting to that server, along with Remote Desktop.


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