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HTC Touch Diamond 2!

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Sometime during the night between monday and tuesday I ordered my HTC Touch Diamond 2 and it arrived 20 minutes before heading to work today! :D HTC has really done a GREAT job with this phone!

I had its precessor before, and generally liked it. It had a few weak spots; the calendar really wasnt that usefull the underlaying windows system seemed clumsy, when you are using the TouchFLO system and it wasnt really that fast neither.

HTC has improved all of this and much much more!

  1. The speed! - its incredible how much they have tweaked the performance! - remember, its the same processor!
  2. You really have to digg in, to find the underlaying Windows OS! The TouchFLO now covers most of the interface!
  3. The calendar - damn I love it already! its beats all other mobile calendars i''ve tried!

All in all, its a super phone and to all the iPhone lovers: I dont want your hyped Apple stuff! Windows Mobile is the best!


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