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Windows 7 RTM'ed! - Sort of

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As the rumors have said the last couple of months, Windows 7 was planned to RTM today and MS did it right on time! The RTM has build 6.1.7600.16384 and was digitally signed by Microsoft on the 11th at 10:40 PM! Congratulations guys! a Job well done! :D




A new build has seen its way to different torrent trackers and the newest build now has build nr. 7600.16385No official confirmation has been made yet though! Awaiting the 24th!


Microsoft still haven't confirmed the RTM. This is probably gonna happen on the 24th! 6.1.7600.16384 might 'just' have been the LAST build, until the RTM. Several blogs have been updated the last couple of days, with interesting information regarding the Microsoft build number policy indicating that the RTM build, might end up being build 6.1.7600.16386 and not 384! Will keep this updated!


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