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Lenovo update service - Still down :-(!

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This is sad. Really sad!during the last month users with the Lenovo Care / Lenovo updater software, has received a message from Lenovo when trying to update their software, saying that Lenovo was changing the update system and that users should return in May to get the new system update and thus being able to update the software and drivers for their laptops again. All in all, this is "okay", since changing such a system is a pretty hard task.BUT! having the 9th of May, and still not being able to automatically get the updates is kinda getting on my nerves.I know for a fact that Intel has released new driver updates for my WLAN which could improve performance, a point which my laptop has generally lacked for a while accessing multiple AP''s.Ofcourse one could goto , browse through the different steps to manually download the updated drivers and software, but come on! Get that service running and let us update our software!


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