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Windows 7 and Windows Mobile!

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So, after installing Windows 7 on my laptop, I ofcourse had to setup a sync between Outlook 2007 and my HTC Touch Diamond!What a pain.... First off, Windows identified the phone and the connection was made!it lastet for a total of 10 seconds.... YAY? After this Windows 7 wouldn''t recognize the phone...After Googleing a bit, I found a nice little freeware application for backing up my text messages and then I did reset my phone...After this Windows 7 had no problem what so ever to communicate and sync!incredible? not really... anoying: truly! There is one good thing about this though!Actually, there are 2 good things!First of all, I had a chance to cleanup the internal memory, leaving me with more than double the freespace as before, which should turn out a good way performance wise!The second thing is giving me a kick in the arse, to get out there and find the quality software I want to use on my smartphone! And boy are there some nice applications! First of all, being a Facebook junkie like many many many (....) other people, I found Facebookfor Windows Mobile by Microsoft!And this application kicks ass! Its the best Facebook application I have seen to date, its simply a must-have for other Windows Mobile facebook addicts! and now.. its time for bed!


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