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Windows 7 and AuthenTec biometrics!

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When installing Windows 7, it automatically configured my AuthenTec AES2501A and installed the appropriate drivers and software.At least that is what it looked like... When trying to setup the fingerprint data, TrueSuite 2.0 would crash when initializing the device ....After Google''ing this issue a lot, and trying out older drivers nothing still worked... BUT IT WORKS NOW! The easy steps: uninstall everything (Authentec WBDI Driver Package AND WIN7TS!) now download the appropriate version (32bit / 64bit) from AuthenTec, install and reboot.Your biometric device is now ready to be configured! and it works like a charm! Update Authentec has taken down the links to the 32 bit and 64 bit beta drivers.Appropriate drivers should be downloadable from the OEM manufacturer.


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