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Windows 8 "Consumer Preview" first impressions

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Having played around with Windows 8 for about a day, I must say I really find the new system impressive. The new Metro styled start-menu actually is working pretty well for the most part, only the search capabilities is giving me a few headakes. Highlights so far:

  1. Windows Key + Print Screen = Screenshot dumped into user\My Documents\pictures which is pretty awesome!
  2. Windows detected an installation needed .net 2.0 and installed it itself! (Installation Screenshot)
  3. BitLocker setup has native SkyDrive support for saving the security key! (Bitlocker screenshot)


  1. The search capabilities of the new start-menu really ain't as "wow" as the rest.

In the next couple of weeks, ill try and put together a list of Windows 8 tricks/shortcuts and keep them updated. Page no longer exist.


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